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Win a Free 1 hour Private Online Consultation with Dr. Lille Springall & PURU 100% natural personal care package

4 Community members have the opportunity to win a free 1 hour consultation with Life Coach & Certified Naturopath Dr. Lille Springall form Zurich, Switzerland and free 100% Natural PURU product hamper. This can be used towards the personal beautiful skin challenge.

The Challenge

Selected winners can have the opportunity to join Lille & Sylvain on live stream (by audio only if preferred) and talk briefly about their skin – e.g. acne, warts, rashes, wrinkles etc. 

Participants can take before and after pictures and will get a 1 hour private free consultation online call with Dr. Lille Springall where each participant is assigned a natural detox program on a mutually agreed schedule

Participants are free to take notes/diary and optionally record videos/pictures on progress 

Approx 1 & 2 week updates through images/video and/or optionally on live stream (by audio only if preferred)

Follow an assigned 2 week detox plan 

Beautiful Skin Challenge

Can't wait to share and go on a journey of self improvement? Then optionally Submit a Video to us through VideoAsk:

You can click the link above and easily share one short video talking about your skin and what you are looking for (All videos are private and only shared with user request).

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